DOGFISH, custom bike gear bags, backpacks, messenger, coolers, gear bag, also CUSTOM screen printed, or embroidered apparel, FOR YOUR TEAM. Custom Cycling Tees
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did I say ultimate bag, here is why, as the owner of Dogfish Apparel Brand and major sponsor of the Dogfish Racing Team, which includes Elite Road racing, Mtb Racing and Triathlon team, we have used several size, shape etc of team bags. This bag comes in just the right size, not too big, not too small. It has separate large pockets for a helmet and pair of shoes, with extra smaller pockets for gels, armwarmers, mini pumps, spare tubes, sunglasse etc. I keep all my bike stuff in this bag and I always know where everything is. and of course we can print or embroider your actual team logo. Plus I personally know what a pain organizing team orders from collecting money to delivering product, so we have a system for online ordering and we will ship to individual teammates or to one location, your call........ so call us and we will start the process of getting your team gear bag rolling.

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